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Stocks & Shares ISA

A tax-efficient way of investing for tomorrow

It’s important to read the information on this page before you get started with our ISA. Here's why it could suit you.


  • Save up to £20,000 a year with a range of ways to invest your money

  • Get going with regular payments from £25 a month or a single payment of £500

  • Pay no income tax or capital gains tax on your returns

What is a stocks and shares ISA?

An ISA is an Individual Savings Account. A stocks and shares ISA (sometimes called an investment ISA) is an account that lets you invest tax-efficiently. That means there’s no income tax or capital gains tax to chip off any money you earn.

This type of ISA has the potential to grow your investment by more than a cash ISA or savings accounts. Investing works best over the long term, and staying invested for five years or more can increase your chance of positive returns.

Just bear in mind that the value of an ISA can fall as well as rise, and you could get back less than you put in.


Your exact tax benefits will depend on your circumstances and may change in the future.

Already have an ISA with us?


How our stocks and shares ISA could work for you

​Get saving from just £25 a month

That’s all you need to commit to – or start with a lump sum of £500

Flexible withdrawals

Take money from your ISA with no fees or penalties. Pay money back in the same tax year without affecting your annual allowance

Invest your way

You have control over how you invest your ISA with us, thanks to a range of investment options. Whether you're new to investing or more experienced, there's an option for you

The combined ISA allowance for the 2023/2024 tax year is £20,000.

You can split your ISA allowance across the four different types of ISAs in any tax year (Cash ISA, Stocks & Shares ISA, Lifetime ISA and Innovative Finance ISA).

You can only open and pay into one of each type of ISA each tax year.

You can transfer an ISA to us at any time you like, and it won't affect your allowance.

What is my ISA allowance?

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What to think about when taking out an ISA with us 


Build your investment
You can keep adding to your ISA, up to the maximum ISA allowance each year (currently £20,000 across all ISAs you have), and any returns or interest are free from income tax or capital gains tax.

Replace what you take out
Our ISA is flexible, meaning you can withdraw money and pay it back within the same tax year without affecting your annual allowance.

Range of investment choices
Decide how hands-on you want to be. Choose from ready-made funds to a portfolio you build yourself, including ethical and environmental options. You can also choose from shares and other exchange traded investments.

Things to consider

It’s for the longer term

Experiencing market movements up and down is a normal part of investing. Leaving your money invested for five years or more gives it the best chance to grow. Remember, no investment is guaranteed to deliver returns.

Your annual allowance

Your annual allowance for ISAs from all providers this tax year is £20,000, and that’s the combined total across any types of ISA you have.

ISA Rules

You can only open and put money into one of each type of ISA every tax year. As an example, this means you can only open one stocks and shares ISA this tax year, but you can also open a cash ISA.

How much could you benefit from a Stocks & Shares ISA? Let our ISA calculator do the sums for you.

Try our ISA calculator

Calculating Budget

Our stocks and shares ISA investments and charges

How to choose investments


There are four ways to decide how you invest in our ISA.

  1. The most straightforward approach is to pick one of our ready-made funds.

  2. If you’re a more experienced investor, you might prefer browsing a narrowed-down fund shortlist from our experts.

  3. The most confident investors can build their portfolio using our full range of funds.

  4. Finally, experienced investors can buy and sell shares and other exchange traded investments.

What are the investment charges?


We won’t charge you for opening a Stocks & Shares ISA and there’s no charge to transfer your investments to us. However, your existing provider may charge you for leaving them, so you’ll need to make sure it all adds up before making the move. Once you have a Stocks & Shares ISA with us, these are the charges you can expect to pay:



You'll pay a Charge of up to 0.40% for the value of your funds or cash, depending on how much you invest.

There's also a Fund Manager Charge that will depend on the funds that you've chosen. This charge is included in the price of the fund.

We won't charge you for buying or selling funds.

Shares and other exchange traded investments


You'll pay a Share Charge, which is 0.40% of their value, capped at £45 a year. 

There'll be a Fund Manager Charge for exchange traded funds and investment trusts that will be included in the price of the investment. 

When you buy shares and other exchange traded investments, there'll be a Trading Charge for every trade you make.

Why choose us?

We believe we’re the best - but you don’t have to take our word for it.

An award-winning choice
We continue to receive recognition for our investment platform.

Our past, your future
We’ve been protecting people like you for over 16 years.

Invest in your future, and the future of the planet
With our investments that take environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into consideration.

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Alternatives to ISA

Investment Account

An excellent option if you've used your ISA allowance. Open an Investment Account and manage everything under one umbrella.

Savings Account

Our savings marketplace offers you a selected range of cash savings accounts. Each has competitive interest rates, so it's just a case of finding the one that best suits you.

Self-Invested Pension Plan

Start saving for your retirement, or bring all your pensions into one place with out flexible Self-Invested Pension Plan (SIPP).

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