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Multi Car Insurance

Save 10% for every extra vehicle you add

Must all be registered at same address and optional extras don’t apply

  • Simplified Coverage: Streamline insurance for multiple vehicles.

  • Cost Savings: Save on premiums with multi-car insurance.

  • Convenient and Flexible: Easily protect and manage all your vehicles.

What is multi car insurance?

Multi car insurance can give you what it takes to cover all your vehicles – both cars and vans – under one single policy. So, everything renews at the same time, and you only pay one renewal price. That means one set of paperwork, one renewal date, zero fuss.

And with our Multi Car Insurance, you’ll get 10% off for every additional car or van you add, not including optional extras.

Flexible cover

Cover that bends and twists any way you need thanks to the ability to choose different add-ons, cover level and excess for each individual vehicle.

Separate No Claim Discount

Each main driver keeps their own No Claim Discount, so if one vehicle bumps into the back of a bus, that accident won’t affect the others on the policy.

Uninsured driver cover

If an uninsured driver bashes your bumper or dents your door, and it’s their fault, we'll refund any excess you've paid.

Car insurance for electric and hybrid vehicles

Plug into a brighter future with our car insurance for your electric and hybrid vehicles. And we’ll be by your side for every environmentally friendly mile you take.


How multi car insurance works

How multi car works depends on if you start with just one vehicle and add extra later, or if you jump in with multiple vehicles straightaway. You can buy cover for two cars online, but to insure three or more, you’ll need to contact us.

Car Lot
Riding in a Car

Start with multiple vehicles at once

If you’ve already got multi car cover with someone else, you can shift everything across to our Multi Car Insurance when that existing policy is up for renewal. You’ll only have to pay one price, which will include your 10% discount for each of the extra vehicles.

Start with one vehicle, add more later

When one of your vehicles is up for renewal, simply take out our Multi Car Insurance and let us know when your extra vehicles will be ready to add. Then when they’re up for renewal with their current insurer, call us to confirm you want them adding to your multi car policy. You won’t have to pay for your extra vehicles until their cover starts, and you’ll get a 10% discount for every one you tack on to your policy. At the end of the first 12 months, we’ll send you one multi car renewal invite covering all the vehicles.

If you’re already with us

If you already insure one vehicle with us and want to add another to jumpstart a multi car policy, you can do this in your account.

If you want to add more than one extra vehicle, or you already insure multiple vehicles with us on separate policies, contact us.

Same policy, different options

Your vehicles may be part of the same multi car family, but they can still have their own unique personalities. You can pick different cover levels and different add-ons for each vehicle. Each main driver keeps their own No Claim Discount and continues to earn more for every year they don’t make a claim. If one driver makes a claim, the No Claim Discount of the other main drivers on the policy won’t be impacted.

What our Multi Car Insurance covers

For each car or van, simply choose between our Comprehensive or Third Party, Fire and Theft cover. And add optional extras to create cover that suits you.

What's covered


Loss or damage to your vehicle

Cover if your vehicle is lost, stolen or damaged 

Your liability

Cover if you injure someone or damage their vehicle or property in an accident 

Uninsured driver cover

Cover if you’re in an accident with an uninsured driver that wasn’t your fault

Vehicle recovery

If you have an accident we'll make your vehicle roadworthy with roadside repairs or cover up to £150 for accommodation or public transport

Driving other cars

Cover for driving someone else’s car or van (if you’re aged 25 or over)

Motor injury protection

Cover for you, your partner and named drivers for death or serious injury after a motor accident 

What's not covered


Unfortunately, we can’t cover everything – make sure you’re happy with what’s not covered, including:

Electrical breakdown

Including problems with the on-board computers – as well as electrical components


Any punctures, cuts or bursts – including those caused by braking

Resale value

We can’t cover you for any loss in value of your car after repair

What's optional


Choose optional add-ons at an additional cost to create cover that suits you.

Breakdown cover

Roadside assistance, Recovery, At Home and Onward Travel to add to your car cover. Not available if you live in Northern Ireland

Protected no claim discount

Your premium won’t increase as a direct result of one claim when you renew

Motor legal

Help recovering your compensation and financial losses after a motor incident which wasn't your fault 

Courtesy car

Access to a replacement vehicle, with standard and enhanced options available

Foreign use

Cover driving in most European countries

Motor Injury Protection Plus

Injury cover and physiotherapy for you, your partner and any named drivers after a motor accident

Why choose us?

We’re proud our cover is 5 Star Rated by trusted industry expert.

It takes a name you can trust

Over 500,000 people protect their car with us 

We’ve got heritage

We’ve been protecting people like you for over 20 years

You can count on us

In 2021 we repaired over 25k vehicles

Over 250k people bought our car insurance in the last year

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