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Junior ISA

Invest for your child's tomorrow with a Junior ISA

A tax-efficient way for you to save up to £9,000 each year for your child.

  • Money in a Junior ISA belongs to the child, not the parent, and can only be accessed when they turn 18.

  • Your child can have a Junior Stocks and Shares ISA and a Junior Cash ISA, as long as the combined contributions don't exceed £9,000 in each tax year.

  • Remember, investments rise and fall in value. You could get back less than you put in.

What is a Junior ISA?

Do you want to give your child a head start in life when they turn 18? The Junior ISA could be what you’re looking for.

It's an investment account on which they’ll pay no income or capital gains tax on any returns the JISA earns. It’s a great, tax-efficient way to put money away for your loved one.

You can open an account today so long as you’re the parent or legal guardian. And your child gets access to the money as soon as they turn 18.

How a Junior ISA could work for you and your child

It's easy to start saving

Start with as little as £1 or a larger lump sum

Investments managed for you

There's five investment styles, ranging from Cautious to Adventurous. You can choose an Ethical plan if that matches your values

Simple application or transfer

Move an existing Child Trust Fund or JISA into our JISA

It's simple. Your JISA money goes into funds that track the performance of companies around the world. When they do well, your money goes up, like any other investment.

Of course, all investments rise and fall in value. While they trend towards a profit in the long-term, they could lose money in the short term and get back less than you put in.

That's why we encourage you to hold your child's JISA for a minimum of five years. This gives your child the best chance to collect tax-efficient profits when they turn 18.

Make sure you take advantage of their £9,000 JISA allowance while you can. The sooner you pay in, the sooner you could see a return on your money.

How could your child's money grow?

Happy Family

What to think about when taking out a Junior ISA


You're in control until your child reaches 18

You can keep adding to your JISA, up to the maximum ISA allowance each year (currently £9,000), and any returns or interest are free from income tax or capital gains tax.

Anyone can contribute

You can invite anyone to pay into the Junior ISA by using the 'Friends and Family' feature..

You can check on performance anytimeYou'll have access to a dashboard, enabling you to check-in 24/7.

Things to consider

It’s for the longer term

Experiencing market movements up and down is a normal part of investing. Leaving your money invested for five years or more gives it the best chance to grow. Remember, no investment is guaranteed to deliver returns.

It's managed for you

Your money is looked after by investment managers, who monitor your plan and decide where to invest your money. So you don’t need to be an expert to get started.

It's your child's money

Once you put money in, you can’t take it out again, except in exceptional circumstances. Your child can only get access to their money when they turn 18.

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