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Investment Account

Stretch your investments beyond your ISA allowance

It's important to read the information on this page before you get started, but here's why an investment account could suit you: 

  • Potential to grow your money faster than cash savings (although there are no promises) 

  • Ideal if you've used your £20,000 ISA allowance for the tax year

  • You can set a level of investment risk you're happy with

What is a general investment account?

It’s a way of investing that you can shape. Put your money into ready-made funds – set at a level of risk you're comfortable with – or sift through and pick out your own funds or shares. As there's no ceiling on how much you can put in each year, many people see it as an excellent path to invest beyond their £20,000 annual ISA limit.

Investment accounts have the potential to grow by more than a cash savings account, although they do have a higher level of risk. And leaving your money in an investment account over a longer time (experts often recommend 5 years or more) can boost your chance of a positive return.

They don't have the same tax-efficient benefits – sometimes known as a tax wrapper – as a stocks and shares ISA, so you may pay tax on any returns you make, depending on other income you have.

Always remember, investment values can fall as well as rise, so you could get back less than you put in.

Do you already have an investment account with us?


How our investment account could work for you

​Get saving from just £25 a month

That’s all you need to commit to – or start with a lump sum of £500

Simple to start, easy to stay in control

Choose how you invest and hold the risk level in your hands. You can then keep eyes on your investment through your PC, tablet or mobile

Fair charges in plain view

Our charge is no more than 0.40% a year. There are also charges for investments which are clearly shown when you pick them. We'll explain more about charges below

What to think about before opening an investment account

 Investment account benefits and considerations


Invest your way

Decide how hands-on you want to be. Choose from ready-made funds to a portfolio you build yourself, including ethical and environmental options. You can also choose from shares and other exchange traded investments.

You can transfer existing funds

Keep your non-ISA investments together by moving funds you have elsewhere, if we’re able to accept them.

Check on your investments any time, anywhere

When you open an investment account, you have the keys to your own secure online portal. Inside, see how your investment’s performing, search out specific investments and turn the dial up or down on your contributions. Details of any SIPP or ISA you applied for online are in there too.

There’s no charge for fund changes or withdrawals

Be as hands-on with your investments as you please, because we charge absolutely nothing to switch from one fund to another – or take money out. There are occasional delays while switching, but it’s usually rare.

Things to consider

It’s for the longer term

Seeing your investments go up and down with market movements is normal. Don’t plan on doubling your money overnight, as there are often dips in the road ahead. As a general rule, leaving your money invested for five years or more gives it the best chance of overall growth. Saying that, no investment can promise you a positive return.

There’s always risk

Risk sounds scary, but it’s also what gives your money the opportunity to grow. It simply paints a picture of how big any upward or downward swings could be. You'll find a factsheet with every fund we offer that shows its risk level, helping you invest within your comfort zone.

There are no tax boosts

An investment account doesn’t have the freedom from tax that a stocks and shares ISA enjoys. There’s no limit on how much you can invest, but remember that you may need to pay income tax and capital gains tax on your returns.

Fair charges up front

We charge 0.40% a year for investments under £50,000 and, for each level of investment value above that, the percentage drops. There are separate charges for investing.

How much could you benefit from a Stocks & Shares ISA? Let our ISA calculator do the sums for you.

Try our ISA calculator

Calculating Budget

Our investments and charges

How to choose investments


There are four ways to decide how you invest in our ISA.

  1. The most straightforward approach is to pick one of our ready-made funds.

  2. If you’re a more experienced investor, you might prefer browsing a narrowed-down fund shortlist from our experts.

  3. The most confident investors can build their portfolio using our full range of funds.

  4. Finally, experienced investors can buy and sell shares and other exchange traded investments.

What are the investment charges?


There’s no charge for opening an Investment Account, or to transfer your investments to us. However, whoever you have your investment with now may charge you for leaving, so please make sure making a move adds up for you. Once you have an Investment Account open, these are the charges you can expect.



You'll pay a Charge of up to 0.40% for the value of your funds or cash, depending on how much you invest.

There's also a Fund Manager Charge that will depend on the funds that you've chosen. This charge is included in the price of the fund.

We won't charge you for buying or selling funds.

Shares and other exchange traded investments


You'll pay an Aviva Share Charge, which is 0.40% of their value, capped at £120 a year. 

There'll be a Fund Manager Charge for exchange traded funds and investment trusts that will be included in the price of the investment. 

When you buy shares and other exchange traded investments, there'll be a trading Charge of £7.50 for every trade you make.

Why choose us?

We believe we’re the best - but you don’t have to take our word for it.

An award-winning choice
We continue to receive recognition for our investment platform.

Our past, your future
We’ve been protecting people like you for over 16 years.

Invest in your future, and the future of the planet
With our investments that take environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into consideration.

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