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Environmental, Social and Governance Investment

Transforming Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

ESG investing, also known as sustainable investing, seeks positive returns and long-term impact on the environment, society and the performance of the business.


We strive to embed ESG best practices throughout our investment, risk and talent management processes, while delivering investment performance.

What is responsible investing? 

When you invest responsibly, you can help try and change the world for the better - while also potentially making a profit so a positive return on your investments.

Investing responsibly essentially means investing in companies that are aware of the environment and so the climate, their employees and their customers - in simple terms - the world around them no matter what industry they are in. That could mean companies that have a positive work culture and treat their employees well, or those  creating clean, sustainable energy using wind farms or solar panels. Or if you want to, you could also actively avoid investing in companies that harm people – for example, tobacco or alcohol companies.


We define responsible investing as ‘an approach to investing that incorporates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions, to better manage risk and generate sustainable, long-term returns’.

Remember, as with other funds, the value of your investment can go down as well as up and you could get back less than invested.

The three 'ESG' measures of responsible investing

Responsible investing looks at business credentials across three measures: the environment, societal issues and how businesses are run (their governance) are all taken into consideration. We describe these factors in detail in the section below.

Environmental issues

This includes things like:

A company’s carbon footprint

Using renewable energy

A firm's waste management policies

Social issues

This includes things like:

Labour standards among the businesses in a company's supply chain

Secure data protection

Health and safety of employees


This includes things like:

Conflicts of interest and who's on a company's board of directors

Political lobbying

Bribery and corruption

We detail our fund offering below so you can see which take ESG into account

Ready-made funds

Ready-made funds are a good option if you're new to investing because they do the hard work for you. All you have to do is choose how risky you want your investments to be.

  • Select a portfolio of funds managed by our Investors, our dedicated asset manager

  • While ready-made funds don't necessarily target specific ESG outcomes, looking at how the investments in the funds might impact the climate and society is certainly something we take into consideration when selecting funds for our ready-made list.

Experts’ shortlist

You can pick your funds from our experts' shortlist, which is a list of hand-picked funds that our team think could perform well.

  • A list of funds that stand out from the crowd, according to our expert Investors

  • Built using a tried and tested process with ESG considerations at every step

  • There’s also other criteria (not just ESG) that we think about  when we choose investments

Select your own funds 

You can build your own customised portfolio by choosing your own funds from the range we have to offer. This is for confident investors.

  • Research and pick your own investments

  • Use filters to fine-tune the ethical credentials of the funds you’ve chosen

  • Choose funds that our experts have rated the best for managing the biggest ESG risks and opportunities

Different ways to invest responsibly

We’ll talk you through some of the most common strategies for responsible investing. You can pick as many as you want, so a few could apply to any one fund.

Ethical investing

Investing that's driven by your ethics, and aims to drive good social and environmental outcomes, and avoid controversial industries, like alcohol or tobacco.

Impact investing

Investing in companies that want to deliver positive social or environmental impact.

Thematic investing

Investing in companies that support a particular theme, like cleaner oceans, gender equality or diversity in the workplace.

ESG integration 

ESG fund managers consider and integrate environmental, social and governance issues as part of their wider research, as they think ESG factors are key to the long-term performance of a company.

Green investing

Focused on conserving natural resources and producing alternative energy.

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Alternatives to ESG Investments

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